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VAT Returns

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VAT Registered?

VAT returns are one of the most complex and onerous tax regimes imposed on businesses. Being over 1/6 of the value of most transactions, getting it wrong can be serious. The cost of mistakes can be very high taking into account the new VAT penalty regime introduced in April 2009.

We understand that a proactive approach is required to ensure that businesses keep within the many rules and regulations.
We can tell you if and when you are liable to register for VAT, what records are required and guide you to the specific VAT scheme which best suits your business needs. HUSA are experts in accounting services and are ready to help you.

A VAT return must be sent to HMRC either monthly, quarterly, or yearly if your company is registered for VAT.

VAT Schemes

Most companies are aware that they must register for VAT whenever their annual tax revenue exceeds the threshold (currently £85,000) or is anticipated to do so in the following 30 days. Some businesses are not necessary to register, but if it is, there are a number of options to pick from depending on the nature of your company and how it is conducted.

The different schemes include:

  • Standard VAT Accounting
  • Cash Accounting
  • Annual Accounting
  • Flat Rate

For advice on your VAT returns and the different schemes, speak to our accountants today. 

Choose HUSA for Accounting Services

At HUSA Accountants we have a specific VAT consultancy service, advising clients on all aspects of VAT and other indirect taxes. A significant aspect of this service is negotiating with HM Customs and Excise, always looking to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Whatever the problem or potential problem we can help, whether that means an investigation, a penalty, an assessment or a liability dispute.

Our cost-effective VAT service includes:

⇢ Online registration for VAT.

⇢ Advice on VAT planning and administration.

⇢ Advice on the use of the most appropriate scheme.

⇢ VAT control and reconciliation on a monthly or quarterly basis.

⇢ Submissions and help with completing VAT returns online.

⇢ Planning to minimise future problems with Customs and Excise.

⇢ Negotiating with Customs and Excise in disputes and representing you at VAT investigations and tribunals.

If you need VAT return help, please get in touch with HUSA Accountants. Our aim is to ensure every individual and every business is fully compliant with their returns, which is why we are amongst the leading accountancy firms.