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Pay Your VAT Bill

To pay your VAT bill, you will need your 9-digit VAT registration number which can be found on your vat registration certificate or on top right-hand corner of latest vat return and period end date. If you do not have any of the above information please call us at 0121 603 3333, we can request one for you..

If you're a client then Click here to request your 9-digit VAT registration number from us via Whatsapp


1. Select "No, continue to payment options" pay your vat bill

2. Then select the third option "Debit card or corporate credit card" pay your vat bill

Then continue to follow the next steps of entering your 9-digit VAT registration number and pay via debit/credit card.

If you need assistance in Paying your VAT bill to HMRC, contact HUSA today.